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Deliver packages, make money

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Serve your community like never before

Activate your availability and receive pop notification for delivery requests around your area. Choose the deliveries you like and get paid as you fulfill the services. 

Become a driver with MadeItLand

The ultimate side hustle to make on the go. Freedom to work when you wish and where you like.

Simply download our app and get started.

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Get paid to deliver

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Your vehicle, your time

List your vehicle, and get valued for your time. Get relevant requests from Merchants around you 

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Your money, your way

For every completed delivery, get paid to your wallet. Your service = your earnings, fully withdrawable anytime.

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Plan your finances

Monitor your earnings and budget your growth. Set your own targets and reach new milestones. 

The Driver app

Easy to use and integrated with our other suite of applications. 

  • Control your availability- Turn on/off
  • Get all the information with new delivery request.
  • Track and withdraw your earnings.
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Sign up today and unlock freedom!

Start your journey. 

Asked Questions

We are a highly inclusive platform meant for all kinds of drivers.Whether you own a 2, 3 or 4 wheeler. you can get started.

Download the app and follow the process.

Make sure you to have these documents ready:-

  • Driving License
  • Vehicle Photo
  • Vehicle Information 
  • Bank account details

Operate from a smart phone and get access to orders from the Madeitland suite of applications. 

Make the most from your means. Our merchants know who can best service their deliveries and push requests depending on vehicle type so your capabilities are valued fully.

Vendors who prefer working with you, can input your id, so that the order is awarded to you only.

Its free to use.

For every delivery you choose to fulfill,  a security equivalent to the order value, will need to be deposited.It is completely refunded to your wallet with the earnings after the delivery is successfully completed.

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